tiffany outlet|Sena Cases offers slim & luxurious

As a perfect match up to the “Thinnovation” And ahead-pondering about design of the Apple MacBook Air, some states-Based leather piece designer Sena Cases offers four new slim, Functional and appropriate designer notebook cases.

The unique styles include therapeutic massage, patent-Pending Pullino Designer Case for the MacBook Air and the LeatherSkin Case that provides an ultra-Slim theme, And is one of the only cases on the market that tiffany outlet allows the device to be completely functional without removing the notebook from the case.

Known for producing premium portable device cases from the most coveted leathers in the world, Sena’s cases are precisely handcrafted by leather artisans in Europe, And each case is comprised from the optimum quality, full-materials, Soft Italian Napa wash rag.

The exquisite craftsmanship is showcased in you’re able to send innovative MacBook Air case designs including: The Pullino custom Case, The LeatherSkin the instance, The business Sleeve, And the macbook Air Sleeve.

SENA Pullino fashion designer Case for the MacBook Air: This special designer case features progressive patent-awaiting, smooth, push-Out strap for easy relieve the MacBook Air. nike air max 90

The Pullino Designer case provides one more layer of protection and velvet lining to protect the device from scratches and damage.

The slender design offers a tight fit and is perfected for the MacBook Air most abundant in fashionable, optimum-End fashion designer style.

SENA LeatherSkin Case for the macbook Air: aid-Fitting case provides an ultra-Slim design and allows the device to be completely functional without removing the notebook from the case.


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