UPM Raflatac introductions global Rafsec Gen2 RFI

UPM Raflatac launches global Rafsec Gen2 RFID tags

UPM Raflatac announces the launch of the global Rafsec Gen2 product range. The revolutionary Rafsec Gen2 products can be used globally with their unique broadband capabilities.
The high speed RFID antenna design enables end-Users to reach and sustain consistently high levels of performance in all UHF frequency regions across the world with the same tag, irrespective of the local frequency regulations.

This represents critical competitive and logistical advantages for any fast-Moving prospect goods (FMCG) Company with creation, Distribution and customer locations all over the world. The same RFID tag can be used by the software creator, The logistics plumber and the retailer, To track and identify products adequately and cost-Efficiently during the supply chain.

Rafsec EPC Gen2 RFID tags by UPM Raflatac readily available as wet and dry inlays and paper-touched tags. They are improved for item, Case and pallet adding.

The global Rafsec Gen2 product range consists of three products:
Rafsec G2 ShortDipole
– 97 x 15 mm, 3.82″ x 0.59″
– Case and item degree tag
– 96 bit ram
– built to fit in 4″ Wide tickets
– Offers great value and also gratifaction
Rafsec DogBone
– 97 x 27 millimeters, 3.82″ times 1″
– Pallet an incident level tag
– 96 bit memories
– top rated
Rafsec Frog
– 76 x 76 millimeters, 3″ times 3″
– Pallet step tag
– 96 bit cognizance
– to fit in 3″ Wide recording labels
– Dual dipole design with powerful
– orientation insensitive

UPM Raflatac is your global-Leading supplier of pressure sensitive labelstock for quite a few needs in prime and VIP labeling. not necessarily, The company is at the global forefront in the increase and high-Volume production of radio frequency identification (RFID) tickets and inlays. UPM Raflatac has near 2,300 employees and annual sales of around 1 billion USD..


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