RFID gives new kind of shopping suffer from to Gal

RFID gives new kind of shopping expertise to Galeria Kaufhof customers

Kaufhof Warenhaus AG is rolling out radio frequency Identification (RFID) At its shop in Essen. In a pilot project in the men’s fashion dept, the 30,000 products have been fitted with some other RFID labels – known as Smart Chips.

The technology enables the company to speed up processes and increase accessibility to goods. But first of all, RFID is the key to a range of innovative applications that increase customer satisfaction even further.

“By applying RFID at our Galeria Kaufhof sales brand, We are giving customers a completely kind of shopping experience, And are considerably improving customer care,” promises Zygmunt Mierdorf, Member of the executives Board of METRO Group.

Intelligent approaches to inform and advise Since 2004, The METRO Group has used RFID in its entire supply chain and in its warehouse management.

And over the context of its Future Store Initiative, The retailing company has been testing innovative features for its front stores for years.

thanks to the pilot project at Galeria Kaufhof in Essen, Customers can now enjoy the extensive benefits and probabilities of RFID technology.

In the Gardeur Shop at the Essen electric outlet, Smart shower Rooms, Shelves and Mirrors make for a totally new shopping experience: for example, The Smart Dressing Room recognizes a garment via RFID and, On an integrated display, Provides the purchaser with useful information such as price, Material and care tutorials..


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