L’Oreal & Diesel agree to launch line of scents

L’Oreal & Diesel agree to launch line of smells

The Prestige & Collections international reach and international, international,global marketing department of L’OREAL’s Luxury Products Division has signed a license agreement with DIESEL, Founded in 1978 and developed by its President Renzo Rosso.

The contract covers the creation of a line of fragrances.

This enterprise will build on the synergy between L’OREAL, our planet’s leading cosmetics group and number one company in luxury fragrances, And diesel powered, Whose over 25 years of original and innovative style has produced a group worth one billion euro.

diesel powered is a cult brand among 18-35 year-Olds all over the world.

Taking a highly original system of jeans and high-last part casualwear, Renzo Rosso, Its owner, Has given birth to a unique lifestyle that is created in an emblematic way through its ground-Breaking selling.

diesel, An not listed company based in Molvena (malta), Is within 80 countries, by means 5,000 sales sites, Over 300 of them yourself owned.

Its main stores, The first which opened in New York in 1996, Are always situated in prime position trendy shopping districts.

L’OREAL is a world leader in selective aromas, With a portfolio of brands that match up with one another in ITStargets, positioning and geographic locations.

Giorgio Armani has grown its turnover five-Fold in 10 years and is now the third mostimportant world brand in luxury smells and number one in scents for men..


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