Stride Rite announces Q4 earnings & conference cal

Stride Rite announces Q4 earnings & business call on Jan 11

The Stride Rite Corporation expects to release its operating latest results for the Fourth Quarter on Thursday, thinking about receiving 11, 2007. The release will be made public before the market opens and will be followed by a conference call at 10:00 ‘m ET. Interested dealing analysts and investors may call in at 1-800-789-4818. Ask for the Stride Rite business call hosted by our CEO, he Chamberlain.

The business call will be available on replay for 24 hours by calling 1-800-642-1687 and entering the national gathering ID number 3849983. If you have any questions regarding the conference call information, Call carol Kenney at 617-824-6039.

This call is being webcast by Thomson investment banking and can be accessed at Stride Rite’s web site. The webcast may also be distributed over Thomson Financial’s Investor Distribution Network to both institutional and individual investors.

Individual investors can listen to the call through Thomson Financial’s individual investor center or by visiting any of the investor sites in Thomson Financial’s Individual Investor Network such as America Online’s Personal Finance Channel, Fidelity buys and others. Institutional investors can access the call via Thomson Financial’s password protected event adjustments site, StreetEvents..


RFID gives new kind of shopping suffer from to Gal

RFID gives new kind of shopping expertise to Galeria Kaufhof customers

Kaufhof Warenhaus AG is rolling out radio frequency Identification (RFID) At its shop in Essen. In a pilot project in the men’s fashion dept, the 30,000 products have been fitted with some other RFID labels – known as Smart Chips.

The technology enables the company to speed up processes and increase accessibility to goods. But first of all, RFID is the key to a range of innovative applications that increase customer satisfaction even further.

“By applying RFID at our Galeria Kaufhof sales brand, We are giving customers a completely kind of shopping experience, And are considerably improving customer care,” promises Zygmunt Mierdorf, Member of the executives Board of METRO Group.

Intelligent approaches to inform and advise Since 2004, The METRO Group has used RFID in its entire supply chain and in its warehouse management.

And over the context of its Future Store Initiative, The retailing company has been testing innovative features for its front stores for years.

thanks to the pilot project at Galeria Kaufhof in Essen, Customers can now enjoy the extensive benefits and probabilities of RFID technology.

In the Gardeur Shop at the Essen electric outlet, Smart shower Rooms, Shelves and Mirrors make for a totally new shopping experience: for example, The Smart Dressing Room recognizes a garment via RFID and, On an integrated display, Provides the purchaser with useful information such as price, Material and care tutorials..


UPM Raflatac introductions global Rafsec Gen2 RFI

UPM Raflatac launches global Rafsec Gen2 RFID tags

UPM Raflatac announces the launch of the global Rafsec Gen2 product range. The revolutionary Rafsec Gen2 products can be used globally with their unique broadband capabilities.
The high speed RFID antenna design enables end-Users to reach and sustain consistently high levels of performance in all UHF frequency regions across the world with the same tag, irrespective of the local frequency regulations.

This represents critical competitive and logistical advantages for any fast-Moving prospect goods (FMCG) Company with creation, Distribution and customer locations all over the world. The same RFID tag can be used by the software creator, The logistics plumber and the retailer, To track and identify products adequately and cost-Efficiently during the supply chain.

Rafsec EPC Gen2 RFID tags by UPM Raflatac readily available as wet and dry inlays and paper-touched tags. They are improved for item, Case and pallet adding.

The global Rafsec Gen2 product range consists of three products:
Rafsec G2 ShortDipole
– 97 x 15 mm, 3.82″ x 0.59″
– Case and item degree tag
– 96 bit ram
– built to fit in 4″ Wide tickets
– Offers great value and also gratifaction
Rafsec DogBone
– 97 x 27 millimeters, 3.82″ times 1″
– Pallet an incident level tag
– 96 bit memories
– top rated
Rafsec Frog
– 76 x 76 millimeters, 3″ times 3″
– Pallet step tag
– 96 bit cognizance
– to fit in 3″ Wide recording labels
– Dual dipole design with powerful
– orientation insensitive

UPM Raflatac is your global-Leading supplier of pressure sensitive labelstock for quite a few needs in prime and VIP labeling. not necessarily, The company is at the global forefront in the increase and high-Volume production of radio frequency identification (RFID) tickets and inlays. UPM Raflatac has near 2,300 employees and annual sales of around 1 billion USD..


RIL to up rayon capacity, Develop services, declar

RIL to up cotton capacity, Develop new releases, states that Subodh Sapra in Face2Face

Leading polyester maker Reliance Industries Limited’s vision for the arrival times has been spelt out by Mr Subodh Sapra, us president, polyester Sector, In interviews on the apparel, materials and fashion portal

Appreciating the Government of India’s stance of realizing the importance of textile industry, Sapra says recent budget carried measures like lower Herren Nike Air Max Lunar Grau Blau Weiß EDKJ4 excise duty for bamboo filament yarn and dereservation of knitting industry.

Sapra talks about home market trends including the company’s financial performance also.

are able to Subodh Sapra at http://www.Fibre2fashion.Com for learning more on Reliance’s projects on the polyester front at:

foundation: Fibre2fashion Face2face – a meeting with Subodh Sapra

PartI, PartII.


FDCI picks 18 fashion designers as NZ WOW entries

the style Design Council of India (FDCI) Has announced the names of eighteen young fashion designers whose entries have been short-Listed from India for final selection of the Montana World of Wearable Art (surprise). the past selection will be made by the WOW Jury in New Zealand.

The news, Made at the place of abode of the New Zealand High Commissioner, Was and a dazzling preview of these short-Listed design. New Zealand extra tall Commissioner, h.E mister. Graeme environments, And New Zealand’s sell Minister Mr. Phil Goff, Graced the party. Rathi Vinay Jha, director General, FDCI, Fashion performers, Dignitaries and eminent guests were also offer. The show was produced by Shyamlee Kalra of creation House.

Announcing the names of the selected designers, Rathi Vinay Jha, overseer General, FDCI considered, “The Montana playing field of Wearable Art (surprise) Is a globally experienced fashion extravaganza. It is a challenging possibility for showcase not just fashion, But a fusion of fashion with usefulness and out-pertaining to-the most important-Box flexibility. When the FDCI sent entries responsible for last year, The Indian individuals received rave reviews and even brought honours to India. Encouraged by their efficiency, nike free 3 year, We are sending as much as 20 garments.

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SwimShow returns with more dazzling designers & si

Thousands of swimwear and swimwear accessory merchants, suppliers, store owners, push, And industry VIP’s will flock to the Miami Beach conference Center this July from 16 – 19, 2011 to get a sneak peak at what’s next from the world’s most adored designers and renowned brands. For anyone in the flooring buisingess of creating or selling poolside or seaside apparel, SwimShow 2012 is certainly the “must attend” trade event of the year!

them 29th Annual, four-Day trade show is the swimwear industry’s biggest, very best, And most implemented annual exhibition. last year, a lot more 7,500 people attended the event in hot pursuit of the most extremely coveted swimwear styles. SwimShow 2012 is the premier resource for buyers from all swimwear classifications, And caters to designer boutiques, choice shops, profession stores, Surf saves, stores, Mass shops and more.

Over 350 vendors that represent nearly 2,000 lines from every corner found on earth will be showcasing their latest styles. engaging brands include such iconic women’s, men’s, And children’s swimwear employers as Milly Shoshanna, Roidal, manuel Canovas, Seafolly, aircraft, Despi, Delfina, Maryan Mehlhorn, Luli Fama, Heidi Klein, Lenny, Natori, Calvin Klein, rob Lauren, lure In, Parke & Ronen, Body glove, Emamo, Sundek, and many people, numerous.

“Swimwear has always attracted the top brands and the most significant buyers, Judy Stein, Executive Director for the Swimwear rapport of Florida, understood. “In today’s make-along with-a trustworthy-Dime site, Buyers need to be more efficient than ever. Our show can help our buyers do half a year of sourcing in just a few days!”

to be able to Rosanna Lara, Designer of the most popular Salinas line, “Last year’s show was extraordinary. SwimShow is so well organized and has such nice brands, that it really is mandatory for all buyers to be there. We increased our consultations for the show by 60% just from the steady flow of traffic by our booth.” “We had ago-to assist you to-Back prearranged consultations and worked non-put an end to,” agreed upon Kristi Steinfeld, A merchant for L*Space.

to higher serve its customers, plus size babydoll lingerei will debut at SwimShow this year. Such contributing lines as Empreinte, Anita, Andres Sarda, Body spa, Maidenform, RITRATTI Milano, Touche, Desigual, Hello Kitty sleepwear, marie Meili, additionally 2(a)Ist all will be showcased. Adding lingerie effectively gives the SwimShow buyers a way to source more product. moreover lingerie, Exhibit website traffic can peruse the ever-Diverse family of swimwear accessories, which includes bags, caps, sandals, and simply coverups.

Swimwear for men and children can also be exhibited. Men’s swimwear took the key spotlight last season with a robust 20% gain in sales. More manufacturers were showing larger selections of smaller briefs and taking advantage of the resurgence in the men’s market. The children’s category also did exceptionally well as more “mom consumers” enjoy keeping their kids fashionable. This category is aided by the ongoing consumer need for new children’s swimwear due to the natural wear and tear that younger children generate on their swimwear and by virtue of their normal growth..


Organic cotton more excellent than BT Cotton

Organic cotton more excellent than BT Cotton

A study conducted by the Centre for environmentally friendly Agriculture shows that benefits of organic cotton clearly outweigh those from Bt Cotton, Whose Kharif cultivation cost in 2005 was higher by 67 percent and income was lower by at least 37 percent.

Total growth cost of Bt cotton per acre stood at Rs 8,366 while for organic cotton it was Rs 5,008.
Per acre cost of the application of pesticides in Bt cotton was 4.8 times more with spending at Rs 1629.

net income per acre on Bt cotton was lower by 37 percent at Rs 3,551 matched against organic cotton, in which stood at Rs 5,618.
But in gross income Bt cotton’s average yield of 6.14 quintals as against 5.23 quintals was just before organic cotton.

The revenues of Bt cotton stood at Rs 11,918 particularly organic cotton it was Rs 10,627.
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The average selling price per quintal for Bt cotton was Rs 1,941, While for organic cotton it is Rs 2,032.

The study took it’s origin from season-Long fortnightly checking of 120 Bt cotton fields from five districts of Andhra Pradesh and 123 non pesticidal management (NPM)/organic cotton farmers from four areas.

Bt cotton does not confirm to the claims made by the marketing and marketing propaganda of its companies.

Bt cotton’s high performance was bad compared to non-Bt cotton, Especially NPM/organic solutions to cotton cultivation, recounted G V Ramanjaneyulu, professional Director, Centre for maintainable Agriculture.
Risk factor involved in cultivating Bt cotton are high and often erratic, he was quoted saying..